Teach Your Smile About Dental Damage Prevention

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When assessing your oral health, do you ever take into consideration your smile’s risk for dental damage? Even if you have never suffered from an oral accident or injury, severe damage to teeth and gums can be present through numerous lifestyle choices you are involved in. Thus, it is important to establish a checklist to determine if there are any activities in your life that could potentially be putting your teeth and gums at an increased risk of harm.

To help improve your oral health, always look for ways to eliminate and lower your risk of dental damage. Due to the fact that dental damage can arise from oral accidents and injuries, a single wrong move can lead to an oral emergency that can set your smile back decades. Always keep your smile safe from the risk of dental damage by eliminating unhealthy lifestyle choices and habits from your life. This includes avoiding smoking and chewing tobacco or using drugs. These products are known tooth hazards and can easily cause severe infections, tooth loss, and cancer.

Another well-known oral health risk that can arise due to activities you are involved in is dental damage from contact sports. A single blunt trauma blow to your face can cause severe oral health damage that may take decades to repair. For this reason, you should always be wearing the appropriate safety equipment. This can include helmets, mouthguards, and face masks. In addition, exercise caution when wearing mouth jewelry, because it can also lead to nerve damage, chipped or cracked teeth, oral inflammation, serious choking hazards, and even lead to infectious diseases.

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