Plan for Your Smile With Mouth Guards

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In order to provide your smile the care it needs, you always need to implement effective treatment plans to not only protect your smile but also to help limit accidents that can arise. Oral appliances in the form of mouth guards are highly effective for protecting your teeth in the case that blunt trauma or other similar accidents arise. Information regarding mouth guards includes the following:

– Mouth guards come in a few varieties. Two highly effective custom-made versions include those crafted by your dentist personally and boil and bite mouth guards, which you can help form on your own.
– If you are looking for a mouth guard that is not customized for your mouth but can be easily purchased, over-the-counter stock guards can be used.
– If you do have a set of mouth guards, it is important to make sure that you always clean them as needed by washing them with soapy water. Do not insert them back into your mouth until you fully rinse them off.
– Never leave your mouth guard out to sit in the sun or in hot water.
– Avoid leaving your mouth guards out to sit where young children or pets can get to them.
– Always be sure to replace your mouth guard as needed. Children need to replace their mouth guards more often, as their mouths are constantly growing.

If you would like to have a mouth guard fashioned for you by our team at Dr. Michael Hollingsworth, please book an appointment with Dr. Michael Hollingsworth and our team at our dentist office. To set up a visit with our dentist in St. Joseph, Missouri, please contact us at 816.232.8788.