Oral Health Risk Factors for Teens

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Life for a teen can be difficult because they’re being pulled in all directions. In addition, their hormones are flaring up and they may find themselves being emotional over every little thing. This can be especially difficult in the treatment of their oral health. Due to the risks of peer pressure and other issues that arise, teens can often find themselves putting their smile at risk far more often then they should ever dream of. To help combat this, prevention plans and treatments should always be at the ready for teens and their oral health.

Protecting your smile as a teen often includes taking the necessary prevention methods when involved in high-risk activities such as sports. Due to the fact that a single blow to your face can cause severe blunt trauma and destroy your smile in seconds, always make sure you’re wearing safety gear. This can include helmets, face masks, and mouth guards.

If you wish to wear mouth jewelry, it is important to understand the risks involved. Although lip and tongue rings may be popular as a teen, they can have negative consequences. This includes chipped and cracked teeth, oral inflammation, choking, and even infection. Furthermore, other peer pressure risks such as smoking, chewing tobacco, or using drugs will all destroy your smile.

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