Do You Need a Dental Implant for Tooth Loss?

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Twenty years ago, the loss of a tooth meant the only tooth replacement option was to receive a dental bridge, which though very effective, was reported by many patients do not feel like a natural tooth. Over time, the advancement of dental technology has resulted in dental implants, and dental implants are widely considered to be the most effective and natural way to replace a missing tooth.

Placing a dental implant requires a few steps. First, Dr. Michael Hollingsworth evaluates the area of tooth loss and surrounding jaw structure to determine if there is sufficient jaw structure to place a dental implant. Otherwise, you need to first have a bone graft procedure before receiving your dental implant.

To insert the implant, our Dentist creates a narrow channel into the jaw bone so that the titanium implant can be placed in the channel and attach directly to the bone. We use titanium material because its biologically safe nature enables it to undergo osseointegration, a process of fusing with your natural bone.

Once the area has healed and is ready to receive a custom-made dental crown, we can completely restore the new tooth, and you can once again enjoy a full smile!

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