Dentures: The Adjustment Period

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To put it lightly, wearing false teeth can be a bit of an adjustment. Some patients have found false teeth to be large and/or loose appliances, and getting used to them can be trying. To assist you during this adjustment phase, we’ve amassed the following data about how to wear dentures properly.

-Ensure that you are wearing your false teeth continuously after you first get them. Your oral cavity (and your mind) will need to put in some time to acquaint with the feeling of wearing false teeth.
-You may be familiar with denture paste, but do not use this unless we’ve specifically instructed you to do so! If we’ve advised you to use denture adhesive, follow all of our instructions on proper application and removal.
-Don’t forget to take out your false teeth before you go to bed.
-After taking out your false teeth, brush them carefully and set them in a mixture of water and denture cleaner.
-Do not play with your dentures or try to modify them to fit differently.

At Dr. Michael Hollingsworth in St. Joseph, Missouri, we do all we can to make sure that you’re comfortable with your teeth, whether they’re real teeth or dentures. Most of our patients adapt well to their dentures, but some find the adjustment phase tricky. If you follow these steps and still feel substantial discomfort after a week, please phone us at 816.232.8788 so Dr. Michael Hollingsworth can judge the greatest course of action for you.