Dental Bridges: The Facts to Know

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A dental bridge is a strong restoration that can replace your missing tooth and give you the functional and beautiful smile you desire. This restoration is typically made of two dental crowns and one false tooth. To help you know a little more about this restoration so you can decide if it’s the right restoration for you and your smile, our dentist, Dr. Michael Hollingsworth, is happy to share some facts. Those facts are:

-Dental bridges can do many things for you and your smile, including giving you the ability to properly chew and speak, restore the health and function of your smile, maintain the shape of your face, give you the force you need in your bite, and more.

-There are three different dental bridge options available. The most commonly used bridge is the traditional bridge. Other bridges include the Cantilever bridges and Maryland bonded bridges.

-Dental bridges are made specifically for the patient. Your dentist will send your measurements to dental lab technicians and they will craft your bridge in their lab to the best of their abilities.

-Dental bridges can be anchored in place by the natural teeth on both sides of the gap or by dental implants.

-Dental bridges can last many years if you keep up on oral hygiene and attend your regular checkups. In fact, bridges can last 15 or more years.

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