A Composite Dental Filling Can Mimic the Surrounding Tooth Enamel

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Individuals who frequently forget to floss or fail to brush their teeth twice a day often have hardened tartar and other bacterial deposits on their teeth. Over time these substances can increase the person’s chances of suffering from gum disease and cavities.

Early signs of developing tooth decay often include a change in texture and gradually worsening sensitivity in the affected tooth. If you have noticed anything out of the ordinary with one of your teeth, you should have it examined as soon as possible by Dr. Michael Hollingsworth.

If the cavity is minor, our dentist might be able to treat the compromised tooth enamel by applying a composite dental filling. The special dental resin can be shaded to seamlessly match the surrounding tooth enamel.

The process of treating the tooth starts with our dentist numbing it and surrounding gums. Then he will use special tools and professional technique to carefully remove all areas of decayed tooth enamel. Once this is done he will shade, apply and shape the composite resin. A special ultraviolet light will then be used to seamlessly bond the dental filling to the surrounding tooth enamel.

In the future increased focus in your brushing and flossing efforts as well as attending your routine dental checkups will improve your chances of preventing new cavities.

If you are in the St. Joseph, Missouri, area and you have noticed a change with one of your teeth, you should call 816.232.8788 to have it examined and treated at Dr. Michael Hollingsworth.