A Chipped Tooth Needs Timely Treatment and Repair

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Suffering a chipped tooth might seem like a mundane thing. It can often result from grinding your teeth, using your teeth to open something, or experiencing an abnormal accident. At the same time, people who participate in rigorous athletics without protection from a high-quality mouthguard are at increased risk of suffering a chip or dental fracture.

Most chipped teeth don’t cause symptoms like pain or heightened sensitivity. However, you shouldn’t let this make you complacent about having the tooth treated at Dr. Michael Hollingsworth.

As time goes by, the damaged tooth enamel can trap stray pieces of food material and plaque. This easily promotes cavities in an already compromised tooth.

To prevent a problem of this magnitude, Dr. Michael Hollingsworth encourages all his patients to have a chipped tooth repaired as soon as possible. The severity of the damage to the tooth enamel will determine the method he recommends for repairing the tooth.

For a large chip, or one that compromises a significant amount of tooth enamel, Dr. Michael Hollingsworth might recommend a dental crown restoration. If the damage extends deep into the pulp or root of the tooth, this might also include a root canal.

If you have small chips on multiple teeth in your smile, he might be able to fit you for a set of porcelain dental veneers. These are porcelain shells that cover the faces of the teeth. They will effectively address the chips while also giving you a white and winning smile.

If you have suffered a chipped tooth in St. Joseph, Missouri, you should call 816.232.8788 to have it examined and repaired at Dr. Michael Hollingsworth.